Friday, September 21, 2007


Well what a Friday it has been! Chance had an early release day, so he was done with school before lunch. Gary also gets off around lunch on Fridays. So this afternoon, we split up. The boys went to the park and the girls went...where else? SHOPPING!

We had a nice surprise tonight. Our neighborhood was having its last gathering of the summer. The had a huge screen set up on the lawn of the park and played "Cars". I took the boys. They had so much fun. We sat on a blanket, ate some popcorn, and visited with neighbors. Gary stayed home to put Ella to bed and watch ESPN!

Tomorrow, I think we may go try to get some hiking in, but we're not sure yet. The news this week showed that Breckenridge got their first snow, which means we can't be that far behind. We figure we better go enjoy the mountains before it is too cold to get out. We'll let you know how our adventure goes!