Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Well we haven't had any snow in Denver yet, so we
set out to find some on our own. Saturday, we grabbed
our hats, gloves, and boots; and we headed to the
mountains. It took a while, but we finally found a
good patch of snow for the kids to play in. Okay, so
Gary and I played a little bit too. There is nothing like
snow to bring out the kid in you. We should have
brought the snow bibs and coats because we were all
soaked when we got back in the car, but as Nanie would
say, "We made a memory" I don't think Gary and I will
ever forget the pure joy on our kids faces when they
finally got to play in snow for the first time! For all
you skeptics out there, this is why we did this! I hope
the pictures bring a smile to your face and that you have
as much fun looking at them as we did taking them.

Are You Talking To Me? Boys Will Be Boys


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Lacy said...

Thanks for writing this.