Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alive And Ticking

Sorry it has been so long! We have been busy little bees here in CO! Gary just got back from Montana. (Or as Chance says "Hannah Montana"! He just can't understand why we didn't see daddy on tv while he was gone.) The trip was to Glacier National Park. He got some great pictures and I will put them up as soon as I can.

You all will be happy to know that we will not be alone on Thanksgiving. We are going to Vernal, UT to spend time with Brenda and her family. For those of you who don't know, Brenda is my best friend from highschool when I lived in UT. She has 3 kids right around the same ages of Chance, Jackson and Ella. We are looking forward to a great, long, relaxing weekend.

I have started my job training and things are going well. There is a lot of information to learn and practice. I think I am really going to enjoy the work though. It is a lot of problem solving which is right up my alley.

Chance is doing great in school. He is in the top math group and next to top reading group. His vocabulary is unbelievable. He is definately growing up....TOO FAST!

Jackson is.....Jackson. Actually he is doing great. He is starting to listen a little more. He is helping out more...especially cooking! He loves to help me cook. He is also showing more empathy for others! All in all he is growing too and not just physically!

Then there is my Ella Bella! She is talking up a storm! Right now she is really into copying everything we say! And talk about attitude! She is quite the little diva! We can't wait until Christmas to see her little face!

I guess that is all the updates for now! I promise to try and post more often! We love and miss you all!