Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long Time No Post

I'm baaaack! I know you have all missed us so much..ha ha ha! We lost the cord to the camera and haven't been able to upload pictures ...until now. So here is a brief synopsis of life at the Tanksley house and some pictures of the past couple of months.

Jackson's party was great! All the kids had a blast! We received tons of compliments from the parents. The boys are signed up for baseball and practice starts this week. They are all doing well in school. Being around other kids has really helped Ella blossom. She has no problem making her presence known these days. Currently her favorite thing to do is to be put up in a cheerleader stunt and yell "Go Dawgs" I know what you are thinking, but it is completely normal in MS to brainwash our children from an early age to support the college of our choice! Go State!!

I have turned in my application to JSU for their Masters in Social Work program. I am checking the mail every day waiting to hear if I got in! Gary's job is going great. He loves everyone he works with and he is enjoying his new responsibilities. Overall life is busy, but not all that exciting. We are all getting ready for a busy summer. We are planning for Bible school, which I help teach every year. We are preparing for Jenny and Webb's wedding in July. All three of the kids and I are in the wedding so there is a lot to do. I am also attempting to give Jenny a shower. For those of you that no me well, you know that I tend to overdo when I throw a party, so the planning has already started (at least in my head)!

Enough of me blabbering. We have taken a good number of pictures, but here are some of my favorites.

Ella's first time ever to "Lick the Spoon." It took
a little coaxing, but she eventually loved it.
This is me with my friends Kim and Fraiser.
We went to a Disco fundraiser.
Jackson, with Chance and some of his friends,
opening presents at his "RockStar Party"
Ella last Sunday, in her "Fancy" dress
This was the scene Monday afternoon, as all
three of the kids were waiting for Gary to get
home from work.
I hope this satisfies your longing to know what is going on in our little world. I will try to keep up the blog better from now on. Thanks for checking in on us and we will talk to you all soon.


Anonymous said...

OK... I was going to let it go for 2 months, then I was going to say something about a new post! ;-) So, glad I didn't have to say anything and SO glad to see some new pics and hear about things in Jackson! Can't wait to see y'all again (hopefully soon)! Love you lots- Sarah

Lisa Ray said...

Finally, a new post!!! I check everyday and was so excited to see the new post. Love the pics, especially the one of the kids waiting on Gary with their shorts & toboggans on!! priceless. Love the new background too. Hope to see you soon.

Love ya ~~ Lisa

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of the blog!! - S

Corey said...

Seriously! Could she be any more cute! It is so fun to deck out a little girl, I love to see them dressed to the hilt! What would we do without our little girls!

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