Monday, June 9, 2008

Belle of the Ball

This past weekend Ella and I traveled to Huntsville, Alabama with Mama and Daddy to go to a wedding. Our good friend, Matt Mims, had a very sweet ceremony, followed by a rockin' reception. We all had a blast. Here is a rare picture of all of us sharing a moment together.

In case you need a caption: Ella, Josh, Lawanna, Joel, Leslie, Sarah & Jake

For those of you who don't know Matt, he and Josh graduated high school together and then went on to pledge Pi Kappa Alpha together at Mississippi State University. They weren't alone though. They had a very tight knit group, which included Jake, both in high school and college. These days they don't all get to see each other as much as they used to except at the occasional wedding. the real story. Ella was the BELLE OF THE BALL. She stole the show. I will give credit to Matt, his new bride Janelle was definitely the prettiest girl in the room, but my Ella was a close second. She danced her little heart out. She danced with Jake, Josh, Me, Webb, SuperDaddy, Nanie, and by herself. She can shake her hips a little too well for a two year year old. We better watch her closely the older she gets.

These are all the pictures I have right now, but IF Jenny sends me the ones she took, I will post them too!


Enloe Family said...

With a mom like you could you expect any less.... of course she's going to steal the show!!! She is so cute and such a cute personality, what's not to love!!