Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay...I am back by popular demand...HA HA HA! Sorry it has been so long, but between Jewelry and Home School, life is CRAZY! We just got back from Dallas. Gary and I spent the weekend being motivated and encouraged in our business venture, while the kids had non-stop fun with Nanie and SuperDaddy at Great Wolf Lodge. They got to hang out at the indoor water park, eat all the junk they wanted, and Ella even received her first mani-pedi! AHHHH life is good! Enjoy the pictures and I will post again soon.
No pictures of Chance because he was too busy to stand still for the camera.


.........Still ME! said...

Business Venture? Home School? Jewelry? What the hell?!?! I guess if anything, it explains why we haven't talked in awhile! Let's fix that soon, call when you get a chance, I still have my cell phone. Did you know we moved back to Colorado?

Nick Scott Family said...

What business venture? what jewelry? I'm like Brenda ... fill us in on what's going on in your life! Cute pics of your little ones. Ella is a doll. Glad things are going well.