Friday, March 6, 2009

All about the J Man!

For those of you who don't know...tomorrow is Jackson's 5th birthday! WOO HOO! We are not having a party! Last year we started just trying to do something special as a family. This is not as inspirational as it might seem. With 3 kids...I am tired of planning parties. And twice as tired of presents we don't need or have the room for.
So this year, for the boys' birthdays we are going to Sea World in San Antonio. Jackson's birthday is in March and Chance's in is August, so we are hoping to make the trip in between somewhere. They are really excited.
We are going to spend the day together tomorrow, probably bowling or a movie! And of course there will be cake...Pokemon if you must know details!
Anyway, I thought since it is his special day I would share some little known facts about Action Jackson!
1. I went into labor during Alias...MY FAVE! and he has not stopped interrupting since!
2. He will jump off of anything and everything if it stands still long enough!
3. He wears his cowboy boots EVERYDAY!
4. He is going to be just like his Uncle Jake when it comes to love: It takes him a while to take the leap, but once he's in...he's ALL in!
5. He is built just like SuperDaddy and Uncle Josh, short and stocky! The doctors guess he will reach a full height of 5'10.
6. We call him our little carnivore. He would be content to meat and nothing else!
7. He his the most competitive of all my children. He plays to win or he doesn't play!
8. He absolutely idolizes his BIG brother, to the point that we have learned to just ask Chance what is going to order to eat, because Jackson wants the same thing!
9. He still sleeps with a "silky" every night!
10. He has the most infectious laugh and I LOVE finding things to crack him up!

I could go on, but I don't want to bore you or embarrass him. Just wanted to let all of you in on the joy that is Jackson!
Happy Birthday Bug!


Anonymous said...

Great Post! Happy Birthday Jackson!!