Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun OUT of the Sun!!!

The heat of summer is upon us here in the Deep South! Thank goodness for A/C and the JumpZone!!! We have a gym here in Madison that has a room full of inflatables for the kids to jump on and slide down to their hearts content! It is a great way to spend a hot afternoon!
In the last two days, we have had two birthday parties to attend there! My friend Shea captured some wonderful pictures of the kids and I thought I would share them! I have NO Short Term Memory and Can't remember which ones I uploaded here! So I am not even going to try and write captions! Just have fun looking at the kids having fun! (The sweat is from playing so hard, not because it is hot! Believe me they keep it like a freezer in there!)


G&G Martin said...

The kids are growing and getting cuter all the time. Love checking your blog for update.