Thursday, April 30, 2009

A balanced life?!?!?

I can't figure out how much activity vs down time is normal! My life is constantly 90mph! And no matter what, I am left feeling a little guilty! If I focus my day on Jewelry, I feel like I have let my kids down and that they are not going to "learn" anything that day. And if I spend the WHOLE day actively involved with my kids, I feel like business is going to suffer. Who knows where to draw the line?
I know that there is a way to balance it all, but I think I am having a hard time executing the balancing act! I am open to suggestions here. Somebody tell me how to do it ALL!
I know part of the problem is that at my core I am a perfectionist! I want to do everything and do everything Well! I know some of you are thinking if I would just choose one thing to focus on at a time, there wouldn't be a problem. BUT the problem is that's NOT going to happen!
I love Premier! And I know that it is where God wants me right now. I also Love homeschooling. It's not easy. And there are days when I think about sending them all to school, but again it's where God wants me! Any time I think about quitting, this wave of encouragement comes over me and I know it is the Lord! So, for the time being, I am going to do it all. I will be wife, mama, teacher, jewelry lady, daughter, sister, and friend! I may not be on my "A" game every minute of the day, but I am constantly strviing to do my best!
So if anybody has any practical advice on how to make my daily life function a little more smoothly, please let me know. If y'all struggle with this too, tell me! I want to know that I am not crazy, or maybe I am. Maybe you all really do have it figured out! For now, I am just going to keep on keeping on! God loves me! I am walking where He wants me! I have peace about what I am doing, I just need figure out more organized way of doing it! Thanks for listening to me ramble! I feel better just getting it out!


bybeez said...

You are not alone! Every mama wants to spend more time with her kids. And every mama has other things she NEEDS to spend time on. Just don't forget about yourself and your hunny in all of it! It is crazy and you are doing fine. You amaze me!