Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have Jewelry, Will Travel!

I am so excited! I just got home from training, and like usual, it was Wonderful! I am always so uplifted and inspired from spending time with my fellow jewelry ladies! To have so many godly women on a mission in the same room is awesome! And the best part is, they all want me to do my best, and that's what this post is about!

I have been given a contest. I need to hold 12 shows in the month of May. So I need 12 friends who are willing to open up their homes (or my home, if necessary), invite their friends over, and earn FREE jewelry! I love my job! I love giving away jewelry and serving other women, but I can't do my job without you!

If anyone is interested in FREE jewelry and in helping me win my contest, please let me know as soon as possible! Please let me know how I may serve you!


Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm still teary about the Ella Gotcha Day Blog!! Wow, God is so good! We thank God for Ella also. At Chandler's ballet performance the other day, she was smiling big...had a solo in the dance...and she said a lady complimented her smile. I said what were you thinking about when you were smiling and I thought...oh, she will say God, cause she is dancing for the Lord, right? Well, nooooo, she said, "I thought about Ella." LOL...How awesome that God uses Ella to put a smile on Chandler's face!!! Fun!!!

Okay...for the balance part...hmmm...I've been in the same business, homeschooling 4 children for 9 years and it's not been easy...but, it's where God has me...I know that without a shadow of a doubt. What's awesome is that God has blessed me with a business that allows me to freely homeschool my children and help them reach their fullest potential. I also get to use the gifts He has given me to enrich the lives of other women...which has been the greatest joy...and the best outlet from homelife!!

Practically, what can we do to balance..I'm still fighting it and pretty much go with the flow nowadays (organized somedays, less organized others...but it works for now) but somethings that have helped along the way is 1.) helped me a great deal in the beginning!! 2.)A book called The Joy of Homeschooling comforted me that my children are going to be okay even if we doing nothing...don't mention this to anyone though :)3.) my weekly bible study and memorizing scripture to defeat satan's attack on my mind. I have claimed Deuteronomy 6 for my family's life...have we talked about that?? 4.)I don't tell my husband, mother, etc. about my stress...i tell God and have chosen a couple of women who love me and aren't going to tell me to quit, but encourage me to do this, that, and the other to make life work in all that God has called me to do. 5.)I work in the nooks and crannies of my life and don't apologize! (even though I feel like it on the inside...that's the perfectionism)...but I have to continuously convince myself that I spend more time with my children that the majority of women and I will not apologize for the time I take to work my business...and i won't apologize for the time I take to spend time with my family. i still struggle with this. But, I cannot feel guilty!! I must not feel guilty!! I work my business so that I can be with them...and I've learned that I've had to teach them and my husband to understand that. For instance, the girls are in ballet 4 days a teaches them costs $306 a month. When Chandler says, you have another show (I'm only gone 2 times a week for 4 hours!) Then, I say do you have to go to ballet today...can't you stay home with me! She laughs...then I politely remind her the reason she gets to do ballet...etc. We have to defend ourselves against the attacks that come from all around...they don't do it to hurt us. They just don't realize the attacks we have to fight in our mind already... We have to stomp it out and fight for what we know that God has told us to do. Educating our children and husband to work together as a team has been the biggest battle...we cannot do everything for them...they have to learn that for a family to win, everyone plays a part and to win you have to work together like a championship team. IT IS definitely hard to balance it all...I think the biggest battle is within ourselves... Okay, i think I'm on 6.) I found with cleaning...when my kids were your kids age...I had a woman who was around 70 come to my house and watch them for a few hours, wash clothes, and give me sound motherly, wise advice about raising children...she still calls me periodically to tell me how she has been praying for me, etc...Ask God to give you someone or a list of people that you can call on for help...but, being a perfectionist it's hard to ask...but, I had to learn how to. Okay...can't think of anything else right now...Bottom line is that it's hard!!! But, over time, you learn that God gives us all the grace that we need to make it if we take a step back and surrender our days to Him. They aren't going to be perfect in our minds...and when they are I've learned that this is for a moment and enjoy it!! Most days are not perfect....and oh, how I wish they were!! I could go on and on....but, I need to focus on the 10 loads of laundry waiting, invitation that need to be sent out for a show, figuring out if my husband needs a meal tonight, making sure the kids read before bed, the list goes on and never ends. God is able to supply all of our needs!! And, boy, how I need Him!! I love you, Leslie!! And I'm so glad that I get to share your life with you!!! Your children have an awesome momma!! Happy Mother's Day!!! (p.s...sorry for rambling! ;))