Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Adventure Begins

Well, we've told everyone that this move was our attempt at an adventure! We certainly got what we asked for! Let me see if I can update everyone since I last posted. Last Saturday, August 18, we started loading the moving van! We have wonderful friends and family that came to help me since Gary wasn't able to be there. The moving company had estimated that we would use 17ft in the truck. They obviously had never seen my house. We used 24ft of a 26 foot trailer. The guys were wonderful though and had it all loaded by lunch! Hats off to all of you who helped!

You all know me and when I get an idea in my head no one can talk me out of it! Well, Saturday afternoon I was wired and ready to get on the road. So, the kids and I loaded up with dogs and left Madison at 3pm. I had the best of intentions to stop in Arkansas...and I did about 10:30. The kids however, had other ideas. They would not settle down. After fighting them for 2 hours, I got back on the road at 12:30 am and drove straight through to Denver! Safe??? Probably not! But we did all get here in one piece late Sunday afternoon!

We had no furniture for the next 5 days, but we found ways to keep busy.
Chance started school, which he loves. His teacher's name is Mr. Stuart! His school is only 2 blocks from the house, so we all walk either to or from school everyday. The kids get a big kick out of going to the BIG School!
Friday, our furniture got here and Gary and I started unloading the trailer! We were missing all of our friends and family then! It was the first time in our marriage that we didn't have anyone to call to ask for help. We were on a good roll, when once again, I got an idea in my head and didn't want to wait for help. I dropped a box spring on my foot and our moving efforts were cut short by a trip to the emergency room. Thank goodness nothing was broken. I think it looked a whole lot worse than it was.
Since I wasn't going to be much help, Gary recruited the apartment maintenance man to help with the remainder of the big stuff! It's now all in the apartment...Barely! And we are starting to unpack, organize, and settle in! We are still finding lots of time to go out as a family...after all that is why we chose Denver! Lots to do...for all of us!
That's about it for now! Chance turns 6 tomorrow and Joel and Lawanna will be here on Friday! Talk to y'all soon!