Friday, August 10, 2007

Keep On Moving On

Okay...Things are progressing, slowly, but they are progressing. Gary has successfully finished his first week of work. He even got invited to play golf this afternoon. I hope he doesn't embarrass himself (HA HA!!) He has been dealing with the mortgage broker in CO, who seems to be totally incompetent. We just pray that it all works out before closing. The walk through on the house is scheduled for next Tuesday.

I am still busying packing. I haven't done too much today. They showed the house around lunch, and Kate had to go to the Vet, and we needed groceries, so the whole day has been shot. Tonight I have my last ladies night out with all my friends. Chance may have his first sleepover. We'll let y'all know how that goes. It should be okay as long as Tripp lets Chance "Snuggle" his ears.

Tomorrow we are going to KOSY for Mason's birthday party. We will also be saying our good-byes, since this will probably be the last time we head that way before leaving on the 20th. I am still planning on driving alone, unless things change. Keep us in your prayers as next week promises to be even crazier!