Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And More Packing

Are you beginning to see a theme in my life? Tomorrow we are going swimming with Chance's preschool class...a welcomed break from all this (you guessed it) PACKING! Today I started the kitchen! It was the room that was looming over me, so I decided I would break it up before the pressure of time really gets to me.
All in all we've had a good day. For those of you who might be trying to call me though, I have no phone! Somehow we lost the cordless and can't find it anywhere. Yes we tried paging it... and still no luck. My cell phone is dead and I only have a car charger (which only works when the car is on)! So I am out of luck. I am trying to get a land line phone to use for the time being and will let you all know when I do! Talk to you soon!